The St. Louis County Pet Adoption Center in Olivette, Missouri, requested the SSIO to help meet a growing need for supplies to take care of more than 75 animals. SSIO members in the USA Mid-Central Region, from the states of Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee, organised an animal shelter supplies drive to express their love and support for animals, at the SSIO Annual Conference at Camp Wyman, Eureka, Missouri, 25th–27th May 2018. With pure love and excitement, the SSE children made toys and posters for cats and dogs, and volunteer attendees brought in pet food, blankets, beds, colourful leashes and collars and toys for cats and dogs. The adults and the children launched a Walk for the Animals and the Planet in unison on family values night, carrying posters and banners, wearing T-Shirts with logos and some wearing animal masks. The coordinator and caretakers at the St. Louis County Pet Adoption Center expressed immense gratitude for this act of love and kindness for the animals.