The objective of the Sri Sathya Sai Organization is to help one realize the Divine Principle innate in every being through love and selfless service. Such a transformation of human heart and its expression as love in action is the mission of more than 2,000 Sathya Sai Centers spread over 126 countries of the world, outside of India. Please visit for further information.

The purpose of Sri Sathya Sai Universe is to report the spiritual, educational, and service activities rendered by Sathya Sai volunteers around the world. The service activities include health care, disaster relief and community service, such as distribution of food, water, blankets, hygiene kits and many other materials to the needy. The spiritual activities include devotional and cultural activities organized for Bhagawan’s Birthday, Maha Shivarathri, Mahasamadhi day, Guru Poornima, Avatar declaration day, Chinese New Year, Eid, Ramadan, Buddha Poornima, Easter and Christmas, as well as multi-faith prayers and meetings and other important events. The reports include educational activities of all Institutes of Sathya Sai Education and Sathya Sai Schools, as well as Sathya Sai Education in Human Values and Sai Spiritual Education programs.

The latest updates are placed on the front page, and you can view the full story by clicking on the title of the story or the arrows at the end. You can also search for stories by visiting the Archive/Search page, and searching by date of activity, subject matter, or country. Translation into many languages is also available by clicking the Translate button.

Please remember that these are your stories, as told by your representatives in the Sathya Sai organisation. The more information we receive, the more we can share these uplifting stories and news from Sathya Sai centres. We encourage you to consider this website as an active, dynamic resource for Sathya Sai activities worldwide, and urge you to share your stories regularly.

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