Cyclone Winston Disaster Relief in Fiji

After a Category 5 cyclone struck Fiji on 20 February 2016, the Sathya Sai International Organisation of Zone 3 – Australia and Papua New Guinea, Fiji and New Zealand, sprang into action immediately. Sathya Sai volunteers started offering hot meals, food packets, drinking water, clothes and medical care to the victims of the natural disaster. Read More

Welcome Message from the Chairman, Prasanthi Council

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Om Sri Sai Ram. Welcome to Sathya Sai Universe. On behalf of Sathya Sai International Organisation, it is my pleasure to introduce a tool that gives us a glimpse of how Bhagawan’s love and message is touching the lives of millions around the world in 126 countries. Swami once told us that He belongs to the entire universe, not just this world. Therefore this website is named Sathya Sai Universe. Read More