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Helping Victims of Floods in Belgium

On July 14, 2021, record rainfall in Western Europe caused catastrophic flooding and widespread damage in Belgium after the rivers overflowed their banks. SSSIO volunteers from Belgium, Germany, and Holland immediately sprang into action. In Belgium, seven volunteers traveled to Wallonia to clean the debris…

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Feeding the needy in Russia

Members of the SSSIO of Russia came together during mid-December 2021 to provide food for the those in need in Southern Russia. The day before the event some of the volunteers made preparations by washing the vegetables for the salad, sorting the cereals for porridge,…

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Serving Mother Nature in Russia

In early October 2021, children, parents, and teachers from the Sathya Sai School of Spiritual Education in St. Petersburg took a field trip and volunteered to serve at the Kentavrik Equestrian School. Six children and eleven adults cared for plants, cleaned the cages of the…

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National Conference in Ukraine

In January 2022, SSSIO volunteers from Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, and Kazakhstan participated in the 24th National Conference in Ukraine. In addition to presentations on activities, videos of Baba’s darshan and discourse were shown, along with musical concert during the two-day conference. The musical concert exhibited…

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