Serving Refugees in Italy

On 20th October 2015, 15 volunteers from Sathya Sai Centres in the Lombardy region offered services to refugees at a homeless shelter near Milan. Food and clothing for children and infants were distributed to 120 families seeking asylum from war-torn areas of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Members of the SSIO of Italy also gave bags of sweets and flower-shaped bonbons to about 35 of the youngest children.

Service in Nursing Home in New South Wales, Australia

Sathya Sai volunteers from the New South Wales (NSW) East region visited nursing homes in the local area on Sunday, 18th October 2015, to spread love and cheer through songs, dances, and joyful performances. Three groups of volunteers, accompanied by talented and energetic musicians, visited eight nursing homes to entertain the elderly residents with classical and nostalgic Australian songs. The event, led by two dedicated Sathya Sai youth, was a resounding success. It was an opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of the senior residents, who also joined in the singing at times, sharing the love and joy among all participants.

New Zealand hosts Community Day

The SSIO of New Zealand hosted a Rongomai Community Day for the third year on 17th October 2015. Rongomai is a disadvantaged community, supported lovingly by Sathya Sai volunteers in New Zealand. The programme, themed “Be the Love That You Are,” focused on animals as a means of educating and informing the visitors as to how the practice of human values can help strengthen communities. Read More

Serving Refugees in Serbia

On 4th October 2015, SSIO volunteers from Serbia offered loving services to refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq who were fleeing their homeland, ravaged by war and strife. With no place to call home, the displaced people were living in tents, sleeping on park benches and using public fountains for washing. About 10 Sathya Sai members, Read More

Interfaith Meeting in Petropolis, Brazil

During 1st to 4th October 2015, the Brazilian Sathya Sai Foundation participated in an interfaith meeting promoted by the municipality of Petropolis (City of Peter) – a hilly town near Rio de Janeiro and summer residence of the last Emperor of Brazil, Peter II. The meeting, held at the historic Crystal Palace, was called Arati and highlighted Indian culture and spirituality. An estimated 9,500 people attended the meeting. Read More