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Volunteer Camp in Kazakhstan

In August 2023, a six-day SSSIO volunteer camp was held in northern Kazakhstan for 33 individuals. An initial cadre of volunteers arrived three days early to plan the accommodations and coordinate meals for the camp, as well as social events, creative performances, and educational activities….

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Feeding the Needy in Belarus

In early October 2023, fifteen SSSIO volunteers in Belarus lovingly cooked and served a warm meal of cabbage soup with sour cream, pies, vegetable stew, salad, bread, tea, and sugar to those desperately in need of food in four cities. Volunteers sought out the hungry…

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Serving the Needy in Kyrgyzstan

In early October 2023, seven SSSIO volunteers in Kyrgyzstan participated in a Zone-wide project to serve those in need in their communities. They cooked and served a delicious meal of pilaf, rice with beans, salad with vegetables, and homemade buns. They also distributed cookies, waffles,…

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Service in Azerbaijan

SSSIO in Azerbaijan has been serving families of former residents of orphanages for some time, from providing food and medical treatment to organizing outings. Through the trusting and heartfelt relations built over time with SSSIO volunteers, the seeds of service were planted in the recipients…

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SSSIO Conference in the Southern Region of Russia

In September 2023, a Regional Conference was held in Sochi, Southern Russia, with the theme Forgiveness Is the Expression of Truth, Righteousness, and Love. The conference aimed to nurture spiritual growth, foster unity, and review past achievements. Activities encompassed prayers, meditation, bhajans, inspiring presentations, insightful…

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A day of service in Russia

Twenty-five SSSIO volunteers from seven Russian cities participated in a day of service in August. Volunteers collected garbage, trimmed bushes, removed thickets of nettle, wormwood, and burdock, and delivered garbage to a landfill. They also fed people in need at the temple, serving 19 containers…

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