Service by Sai Youth, Fiji

In August 2014, Sai Youth from Fiji University practised placing a “ceiling on desires” by restraining their urge to buy objects, and used the savings to purchase and distribute 42 blankets and 60 sandwiches to the homeless living on the streets of Suva. On 31st August 2014, the students also distributed 36 pairs of trousers, along with fruit, chocolates, and food to more than 30 needy people.

Service to Women, Philippines

Every month, Sathya Sai volunteers in the Philippines collect about 1,000 kilogrammes of fabric remnants and distribute them to 35 poor women to help them earn a livelihood. The women are also given training in making household products that are sold in local markets. Each woman earns about pesos 3,000 (about $70), supplementing her household income. In August 2014, a group of garment manufacturers donated 500 kilogrammes of fabric remnants, which were collected by Sathya Sai volunteers and distributed at several locations. The women who participate in the programme, in turn, share their skills among themselves and display their products proudly, before they are sold.

Public Meeting in Costa Rica at Braulio Carillo University

On 7th August 2014, Sathya Sai members in San José, Costa Rica, organised a public meeting. The evening meeting, held at the Braulio Carrillo University in San José, was attended by about 20 people, including 12 Sathya Sai devotees. The university authorities have noticed a positive effect on students since their association with the SSIO, including increases in enrolment, and would like to continue this relationship in view of the resulting benefits.