On the occasion of Fathers’ Day, 25th August 2014, the SSIO of Nepal served lunch to 1,809 male inmates of five prisons. In Kathmandu, bhajans were sung for 645 prison inmates, after which a talk was given on the practice of human values in day-to-day life. At the Sathya Sai Old Age Home in Bhairawa, the SSIO offered clothes and confectionaries to the elderly residents.

On the occasion of the Hari Talika Teej festival on 26th August 2014, the Ladies’ Wing served lunch to 492 female inmates of five prisons. Bangles, beads, and ornaments were distributed. The prisoners were touched by the love and care showered by the Sathya Sai devotees. At another location, drinking water was served to 2,000 pilgrims visiting a nearby Shiva temple.