The Longdenville Sathya Sai Primary School of Trinidad opened in September 2016. In March 2018, the school won the “Nonviolence Begins with Me” poster competition organised by the “Living Water Committee,” a local organisation focused on promoting nonviolence. The competition attracted many schools, and children from the Longdenville School submitted 47 entries – the highest number of submissions from any school. The children created posters with many themes, such as “Love in the Family,” “Unity of Faiths,” and other noble ideas. Some posters depicted Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings, “Love All, Serve All.” A poster by Longdenville School student Varindra Rampersad was placed second in the age group, 5–8 years. His poster addressed the prevention of bullying, targeting the school-aged audience. All entries were displayed publicly at a gallery where prizes were also distributed. Many people were amazed at how this school, established less than two years ago, could produce students who excelled in art without having an art teacher to provide formal instruction.