Easwaramma Day Celebrated across Australia

In May 2017, Australians celebrated Easwaramma Day with great joy. In Canberra, SSIO members joined 4,000 local walkers in this year’s 5-km Mother’s Day Classic Walk.

In New South Wales Region East, more than 300 people attended a beautiful event – a festive Sai Wonderland, created by the SSIO at the Strathfield Girls High School on 6th May 2017. Young adults and children dressed up as fictional characters inspired by the children’s classic, Alice in Wonderland. By their hard work, SSE students brought to life an impressive art exhibition, focused on three different topics: Spirit of Sacrifice, Devotion to God, and Love for the Motherland.

The Sathya Sai Centre of Bonnyrigg, a suburb of Sydney, and SSIO members from the New South Wales Region West participated in an interfaith event held by the Fairfield City Council on 13th May 2017. About 500 people attended the inspiring event, a celebration of the many cultures and faiths represented in that area.

SSE students took a prominent role in the Easwaramma Day celebrations of the Sathya Sai Centre of Blacktown, in Sydney’s western suburbs. The children narrated the story of Easwaramma and presented a mime performance, titled “Service to Mother Land,” to underscore the importance of living in peace, following Sathya Sai’s teachings on religious harmony. SSE students, ages two to eleven, also dedicated a song and a dance in honour of Mother Earth.

About 150 SSIO members celebrated Mother’s Day in Victoria Region West, in conjunction with Easwaramma Day. Another 100 people attended the Easwaramma Day celebrations in the Victoria Region East. SSE children of the local Sathya Sai Centres showcased four dramas, on the theme, “Walking in His Footsteps.” The programme was designed to help the children develop teamwork, collaboration, creativity, confidence, and practical application of Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings.

The Sathya Sai Centre of Springvale observed Buddha Poornima in conjunction with Mother’s Day, featuring unity-of-faith prayers.

Serving children with physical challenges in Kuwait

In commemoration of Bhagawan’s Mahasamadhi, the SSIO of Kuwait organised a picnic on 19th April 2016 for the children of the Physically Handicapped School in Hawally, Kuwait, operated by the Kuwait Government. The group organised outings and activities for the children. About fifteen Sathya Sai volunteers accompanied twelve children with special needs Read More

SSE Teachers and Children Clean-up the Beach in Kuwait

On 25th March 2016, 36 Sathya Sai volunteers, 20 SSE teachers and 71 SSE children enthusiastically organised a beach clean-up project near the Kuwait Tower, as part of public outreach. The event was inaugurated by the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait, Mr. Sunil Jain, along with representatives from the Ministry of Environment Public Authority and the Kuwait Diving Team. The Ambassador applauded the SSIO’s initiative for encouraging young children to participate in public service programmes to heighten their awareness of environmental issues and develop good habits. The Kuwaiti representatives shared practical safety tips with the children on how to avoid injuries for the planned activities, including the use of appropriate personal protective equipment. The children were then divided into groups of 4-5 each, and combed the beach, collecting garbage, broken glass, plastic items, tin cans and marine debris. The children learned through their experience how the lack of awareness and the failure to practice human values polluted Mother Earth, which ultimately affects mankind. The Kuwait Danish Dairy, who volunteered for this campaign, provided water, ice cream and snacks to all the participants. The SSIO of Kuwait thanked the guests for collaboration and distributed T-shirts, caps and mementos to commemorate the meaningful day.

Meeting in Mother Sai House in Italy

Families of children participating in the Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) programme in Northern Italy and Canton Ticino in Switzerland attended a meeting at the Mother Sai House, in Varallo Pombia, near Milan, on 13th March 2016. About 33 people came together for this educational event, which began with a universal prayer, human values songs, and an inspirational quote from Sathya Sai Baba. Read More

Watch Live Video of Sai Spiritual Education Conference

UPDATE: Due to technical difficulties, video streaming has been canceled. Instead, audio recordings and reports of each day’s events are available here: ssec-2015

The Sai Spiritual Education Conference is being held in Prasanthi Nilayam, during 1-3 August, 2015. Sathya Sai educators from about 50 countries will discuss important topics in the educational field, as per attached programme (India time), see below.

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