Interfaith Event in Trinidad and Tobago

To celebrate the universality of Sathya Sai Baba’s message and His exemplary life, the SSIO of Trinidad and Tobago hosted an interfaith event on 31st January 2016 at Sai Nilayam, the island’s main Sathya Sai Centre. Eminent guests, representing major religions, were invited to share the core values and tenets of their respective faiths that can unify humanity in peace and love. Read More

Education Workshop Near Milan

On 17th January and 14th February 2016, the SSIO of Italy organised educational workshops for families participating in SSE programmes, at the Mother Sai House near Milan. About 40 participants were divided into several age groups. The children engaged in various educational activities focusing on the core of Sathya Sai’s teachings on the five human values, as well as practising the principles of “Ceiling on Desires” and “Love All, Serve All.” Read More

Dynamic Parenting Talk in Canada

At the invitation of the Canadian Institute of Sathya Sai Education (CISSE), Drs. Pal and Tehseen Dhall conducted parenting workshops, titled “Human Values: the Heart of Dynamic Parenting,” at the Sathya Sai School in Toronto. The workshops explored how parents can handle the increasing demands of their children alongside other stresses in their own lives. On 16th January 2016, 21 parents successfully completed the course Read More

National Youth Workshop in Mauritius

About 120 youth from Sathya Sai Centres and Groups around the island attended a Sathya Sai National Youth Orientation Workshop on 10th January 2016 at Anandam, La Caverne, in the town of Vacoas, conducted by the SSIO National Youth Advisor, National Young Adult Representative, and President of the National Council of Mauritius. The National Youth Advisor stated the workshop’s intention of enabling youth leaders to develop an action plan for 2016. In addition to highlighting the goals of the SSIO of Mauritius, she highlighted the purpose of the Young Adult Forum, comprised of media, cultural, and sports units. The President of the National Council then discussed the upcoming Sathya Sai World Youth Festival, to take place in July 2016 in Prasanthi Nilayam, India, being organised to encourage young people to celebrate the joy of being a Sai Youth and to preserve and promote Swami’s teachings and legacy. He observed that about 300 Mauritian youth were expected to attend the festival. The National Youth Adult Representative exhorted everyone to earnestly practice the Sadhana of Love in preparation for the festival. Youth leaders and SSIO members then held workshops to develop a national youth action plan, which was presented in the afternoon, followed by a panel discussion.

First Youth Conference in Russia

The SSIO of Russia held its first youth conference and festival on 6th and 7th January 2016 in the province of Sverdlovsk. The event, organised by the youth, was intended to provide the youth with an opportunity to show leadership, hone their skills and experience the joy of unity and cooperation. The conference, themed “Your Life is My Message”, was attended by 34 Sathya Sai members from 5 Centres and 6 Groups in the Ural, Volga-Ural, and Siberia regions. Sathya Sai youth gave talks and presentations, conducted meditation sessions, round tables discussions, and workshops, and staged performances. Many diverse and creative programmes were offered. On the eve of the Orthodox Christmas Day, 7th January 2016, a joyous, festive atmosphere was created by a bonfire, accompanied by dancing and fireworks in the forest.

New Year’s Programme in Kazakhstan

Sathya Sai volunteers, including 7 youth and 5 children, celebrated Christmas and welcomed the New Year at Les Invalides, a home for 80 people with challenges, in Almaty on 4th January 2016. A specially written drama, titled “Four Wives” was performed for the residents, along with a violin recital, recitation of poems and a soulful medley of Christmas songs in Russian, Kazakh and English. Read More