Serving the Disabled, Ghana

The Nsawam Orthopaedic Training Center (NOTC) helps disabled children in Ghana who have lost one or more limbs. At Easter time, in April 2015, ten Sathya Sai volunteers visited the NOTC to offer food to about 80 children. The volunteers served jollof rice, toffees, biscuits, fruits, donuts, bread, and fruit juice.

Serving Children with Disabilities in Ghana

The Nsawam Orthopaedic Training Centre (NOTC) is a Catholic institution in Ghana. It helps disabled children who have lost one or both limbs due to accidents or birth defects. Twenty-one Sathya Sai volunteers in Ghana visited the NOTC on 26th December 2014 to offer encouragement and loving advice to the children. The volunteers served rice, stew, biscuits, oranges, bananas, pineapple, fruit juice, and bread to 50 children and 10 adults. Sister Magdalene, the head of the NOTC, expressed her gratitude for the loving services.

Service Projects for Bhagawan’s 89th Birthday, Ghana

On 19th November 2014, in honour of Bhagawan’s 89th Birthday, the Ladies Wing of the SSIO of Ghana served a breakfast consisting of porridge, bread, and milk, to 200 residents of Asylum Down, a psychiatric hospital in Accra. On 22nd November 2014, 18 Sathya Sai volunteers served rice, boiled cassava with stew, fried plantains, fruit drinks and biscuits to the residents of Pantang Hospital. In Apenkwa, Sathya Sai volunteers visited the homes of 25 elderly people and offered the elders rice and biscuits.

Serving Orphans, Ghana

On 20th October 2014, Sathya Sai volunteers served soup and a local food made with maize to about 250 children at the Mother Care Orphanage Home in Swedru. In addition, bags of rice, cooking oil, tomatoes, biscuits, fruit, drinks, and drinking water were distributed to the orphanage. The children received SSEHV lessons from the Sathya Sai volunteers, and a drill exercise was performed for entertainment.