Chinese New Year Celebrations in Puttaparthi

From 24th to 27th February 2015, about 300 members of the Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO) from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan celebrated Chinese New Year in Prasanthi Nilayam and offered colourful music and dance programmes to Bhagawan in Sai Kulwant Hall. Sathya Sai volunteers also served the needy of a village in Puttaparthi. Read More

Serving Children with Disabilities in Ghana

The Nsawam Orthopaedic Training Centre (NOTC) is a Catholic institution in Ghana. It helps disabled children who have lost one or both limbs due to accidents or birth defects. Twenty-one Sathya Sai volunteers in Ghana visited the NOTC on 26th December 2014 to offer encouragement and loving advice to the children. The volunteers served rice, stew, biscuits, oranges, bananas, pineapple, fruit juice, and bread to 50 children and 10 adults. Sister Magdalene, the head of the NOTC, expressed her gratitude for the loving services.

Medical Camp and Village Improvement, Lao PDR

The SSIO of Lao PDR implemented a village improvement programme in 2014, focusing on three villages in the Dakchung province. These villages are in a very remote area and inhabited by the poorest people in the country. In partnership with the Lao PDR Government, community leaders, and others, the SSIO endeavoured to improve the living conditions of the villagers. Read More

River Bed Clean-up, Croatia

In early 2015, Sathya Sai volunteers found that the water level in the river Rjecina had dropped, exposing large deposits of nylon, tin, and plastic waste in the river bed. Eleven volunteers, including eight women, began cleaning the river bed on the following Sunday, 9th March 2015, International Women’s Day, dedicating their service to Mother Earth. In less than two hours, the volunteers collected twelve bags of garbage. The environmental protection coordinator for the city of Rijeka Read More

International World Conference and Pre-World Conferences in 2015 (Video)

The Sathya Sai International Organisation will be holding the Tenth World Conference in November 2015 in Prasanthi Nilayam along with the joyous celebration of the 90th year of advent of our Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Dr. Narendranath Reddy, Chairman, Prasanthi Council explains more about the World Conference, and the Pre-World Conferences being held around the world in a short video. Read More

Service in a Soup Kitchen, Austria

On 8th March 2015, 10 volunteers from the Sathya Sai Group of Moedling in Austria visited a soup kitchen, Haeferl (meaning, “a full cup”), operated by the Lutheran Church in Vienna, where the homeless receive a hot meal daily. The volunteers distributed 107 packages, each containing a sandwich, fruits, a beverage, and a sweet. In addition, a donation was given to the soup kitchen. Read More

Serving Flood Victims in Mauritius

During the weekend of 7th to 8th March 2015, severe flooding affected the southern parts of the island of Mauritius, and Sathya Sai volunteers from Savanne swiftly began rendering assistance to disaster victims. It was communicated on 9th March that 30 families needed immediate help. Sathya Sai volunteers from the Bois Cheri and Surinam Centres distributed food and supplies to five families at the villages of Read More