SSIO Regional Conference in Russia

Chelyabinsk is located on the border between Europe and Asia. During October 2014, about 60 people from 12 cities attended a SSIO regional conference in Chelyabinsk. The conference theme was The dialogue from heart to heart, and presentations were given on service projects of Sathya Sai volunteers. A concert was also held.

Visiting Children at Rainbow of Hope Centre, Moldova

In October 2014, Sathya Sai volunteers visited children residing at the Rainbow of Hope Centre in Moldova. The children were given a lesson on the seminal topic, Who am I? They participated actively in discussions as well as a number of games. Sathya Sai volunteers also distributed clothes and served food. The children thanked the volunteers and urged them to come back soon.

Serving Children in Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan, in central Asia. In October 2014, Sathya Sai volunteers distributed clothes, jackets, boots, socks, and other items to children in Bishkek, as part of the global SSIO Serve the Planet initiative. A lesson on the theme, Friendship, unity and mutual help, was organised for the children, which was enjoyed by the children and their mothers, as well as the Sathya Sai volunteers.

Service to the Needy, Azerbaijan

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is located 28 metres below sea level, making it the world’s lowest-lying national capital and the largest city below sea level.  In October 2014, as a part of Serve the Planet project, 10 Sathya Sai volunteers visited a homeless shelter in Baku, and distributed detergent, dish soaps, light bulbs, paint for home interiors, faucets, and clothes, as well as baked goods to 41 children and their mothers.

Avatar Declaration Day Celebration in Trinidad and Tobago

In honour of Avatar Declaration Day, on 20th October 2014, members of the Chaguanas Sathya Sai Centre served lunch to 50 needy children and the staff of an elementary school in a remote area. The school does not receive much assistance due to its inaccessibility. Students also received snack bags and copy books. Five new SSEHV manuals were donated to the school. Some of the students and teachers inquired about the activities of the Sathya Sai Centre and hoped that the volunteers would visit them again in the future.

Serving Orphans, Ghana

On 20th October 2014, Sathya Sai volunteers served soup and a local food made with maize to about 250 children at the Mother Care Orphanage Home in Swedru. In addition, bags of rice, cooking oil, tomatoes, biscuits, fruit, drinks, and drinking water were distributed to the orphanage. The children received SSEHV lessons from the Sathya Sai volunteers, and a drill exercise was performed for entertainment.