Observing Avatar Declaration Day in Austria

On 18–19 October 2014, Sathya Sai volunteers organised a programme for a group of children ages 5–10, as part of the “Children: Our Future” initiative in honour of Avatar Declaration Day. The group included local Austrian children as well as Syrian, Sudanese, Iranian, and Somalian children from a refugee home, speaking five different languages. Read More

Medical Camp in Philippines

During 21st–25th June 2014, a team of 12 Sathya Sai devotees organised a five-day medical camp in the municipality of Dulag, which had been hit hard by cyclone Yolanda. Medical services were provided to 2,095 patients in the specialties of pulmonary medicine, rheumatology, dermatology and dental care. The camps took place on consecutive days Read More

Community Service in Noccan Kani House, Argentina

The Noccan Kani House, which belongs to the SSIO of Argentina, is located in a poverty-stricken area approximately 20 kilometres from the city of Santa Fe, near a settlement of about 2,000 aboriginal people. Sathya Sai volunteers have rendered loving services at the Noccan Kani house, a two-story building with adjoining structures for medical and dental services, for the last 22 years. Twice weekly, Read More

Conference in Dallas Texas, USA

On 3rd May 2014, the SSIO of USA, Region 10 organised an inaugural SAI (Service-Awareness-Integration) event, titled “Loving All and Serving All: The Role of Human Values in Society,” in Dallas, Texas. The conference brought together 300 community leaders and more than 70 organisations to raise awareness about pressing societal needs and key service initiatives, Read More