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Serving the Underprivileged in Zone 8

Twice a year, SSIO members from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan serve food to the underprivileged, in a joint effort, on the same day. On 12th March this year, 327 Sathya Sai devotees came together to prepare food with loving care, and served over 1,300 people in 63 cities in Russia and adjoining countries. Read More

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SSIO National Conference in Belarus

The 18th National Conference of the SSIO of Belarus took place on 20th and 21st February 2016 at a scenic location near Vitebsk, the fourth largest city in the country. The event attracted 31 members of the SSIO from two Sathya Sai Centres and three bhajan groups, as well as six newcomers. Participants reflected on the Conference theme, “Life is the path from I towards We”. Read More

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Sathya Sai Education Conference in Moscow

The 14th Conference of Sathya Sai Education in Zone 8 of the SSIO was convened near Moscow during 25–27 March 2016. The meeting was attended by 88 teachers and educators from 29 cities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. The conference theme was “Spiritual Education for children is Education for the whole world” and the conference symbol was the “Tree of Education”, Read More


90th Birthday Celebration in Russia and Adjoining Nations

On 23rd November 2015, about 2,000 members from 34 Sathya Sai Centres in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan celebrated Sathya Sai Baba’s 90th Birthday on a grand scale. Sathya Sai volunteers served food to the hungry, distributed food packages and clothing to needy families, Read More