Supplying Water and Building Houses in Nepal

Following major earthquakes in April and May 2015, the SSIO of Nepal helped the local people rebuild and restore normalcy in their lives. In Arghakhachi, SSIO volunteers initiated a water project on 5th November 2015 to provide water to indigent villagers. The system transported mountain spring water through more than 9 km of steel and polyethylene pipes to the villages. The local community assisted Read More

Prayer for Water Answered in Nepal

A tube-well was successfully drilled in Baluwa Village, which had no access to water previously. No trace of water was detected in the first attempt to drill, even to a depth of 140 meters. Later, a hydro-geologist stated that the geological characteristics of the area did not support tube-wells. A final, desperate attempt to drill was made at another spot, Read More

Drinking Water Project at Baraha, Nepal

About 200 people attended a ceremony for laying the foundation stone for a Sri Sathya Sai Community Drinking Water Project at Baraha, a village in the mountains of the Gorkha district that was badly damaged during the massive earthquake of 2015. The facility will provide drinking water to 70 families, serving about 350 people in all.