Medical Camp in Sri Lanka

To receive medical care, villagers in Maruthankernikulam in the Batticaloa District are forced to walk to Vakarai, a town about 30 km away. To alleviate the situation, the SSIO organised a medical camp on 5th May 2018 in Maruthankernikulam. A team of five doctors, one dental surgeon and five nurses served 225 villagers, including 98 children. The doctors examined the villagers for diseases such as diabetes, referring patients for further treatment to hospitals in Batticaloa and Valaichenai. Patients suffering from pulmonary diseases such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) received face masks. The volunteers Read More

Go-Green Conference in Croatia

In May of 2018, the SSIO of Croatia organised a free concert featuring famed British singer and actress, Dana Gillespie. The theme went along with the SSIO project, Serve the Planet, and had beautiful, eco-friendly decorations. Over 300 guests enjoyed the love of Mother Nature through Gillespie’s inspirational singing, stories and messages that artistically illustrated Sathya Sai’s teachings. Read More

400,000 Meals to “Stamp Out Hunger” in USA

On 12th May 2018, Sathya Sai Centres in the Seattle area partnered with volunteers from Food Lifeline for a food drive called “Stamp Out Hunger.” Hosted annually by the United States Postal Service, “Stamp Out Hunger” is a national effort in which individuals donate non-perishable food items by leaving them in blue bags near their mailboxes for collection. This year, Read More