Mahasamadhi Observance in Tanzania

Bhagawan’s Mahasamadhi was observed by the SSIO of Tanzania on 27th April with food distribution at the Uhuru Mchanganyiko primary school in Dar es Salaam which educates disabled children. About 450 Sathya Sai devotees and guests as well as 200 children attended the event where 800 kg maize, 800 kg rice, 800 kg sugar, 400 litres cooking oil, 400 beach sandals, 400 mosquito nets, 400 soap bars, and 400 dental kits were distributed.

2013 Avatar Declaration Day – Tanzania

On 20th October 2013, Sathya Sai volunteers served food to more than 400 people, including children and ladies, at the Shariff Mosque in the Kunduchi area of Dar es Salaam. The Imam of the mosque graciously arranged a prayer session in which all Sathya Sai volunteers participated. Biscuits were served to children. Rubber footwear was distributed to all the children and the ladies, and T-shirts were distributed to the children. Read More