Sathya Sai volunteers in the San Diego area organised a second Community Free Health Screening Day on 7th June 2014 in Vista, California. Services were rendered by volunteers from Kaplan College and eight primary care physicians, two gynaecologists, four paediatricians, one podiatrist, two cardiologists, two dermatologists and four dentists. Volunteers from Friends in Sight, a service programme of Lions Club International, provided vision care. About 170 guests received health care services from 24 doctors and 184 general volunteers. More than 100 patients received dental care, 127 received eye examinations, and 112 were given prescription eyeglasses. Patients also received oral hygiene instructions and food counselling. Tests conducted at the camp included 11 Pap smears, 26 bone density exams, 11 EKGs and 93 blood tests.

USA - Vista Medical Camp - Child being examined