On 18–19 October 2014, Sathya Sai volunteers organised a programme for a group of children ages 5–10, as part of the “Children: Our Future” initiative in honour of Avatar Declaration Day. The group included local Austrian children as well as Syrian, Sudanese, Iranian, and Somalian children from a refugee home, speaking five different languages. The programme began on Saturday afternoon with a dance to introduce the children to one another. A puppet show titled “The Colourful Birds” was staged to emphasise unity in diversity, which served as the basis for an amusing role-play. The children then painted birds and fixed them to a model tree. On Sunday morning, the children practiced meditation and then played a concentration game. After the game they dressed up as colourful birds and accompanied an adult choir to a home for the elderly, where they gave a performance. The two-day programme served to unify the children from diverse backgrounds.

Child giving gift to a senior

Children enjoying lunch

Children painting

Children's programme on Avatar Declaration Day

Entertainment at a home for the elderly

Gift for the elderly

Volunteers going to senior home