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National Conference in Ukraine

During late January 2018, more than 35 people attended a three-day National Conference. Amidst conflict and disharmony within the country and around the world, the theme of the conference was aptly chosen as “Unity Protects a Person,” and the motto was

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National Conference in Belarus

More than 30 people participated in a two-day 20th National Conference of the SSIO of Belarus in early March 2018, near Vitebsk, at a venue surrounded by picturesque lakes and forests. The conference focused on

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Service Camp in Zone 8

On 14th October 2017, 292 SSIO volunteers in 55 cities across Zone 8 served food to more than 1,300 people in need and 16 animals. This service project – organised in

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National Conference in Kazakhstan

The SSIO of Kazakhstan held a national conference themed “Unity Is Everyone’s Driving Force,” in late October 2017. Attracting 45 SSIO members from 12 cities, with some hailing from Russia and Kyrgyzstan, the participants enthusiastically shared

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