Kiev is Ukraine’s capital and its largest city, located on the Dnieper River. Since August 2015, Sathya Sai volunteers have distributed clothes, food, and stationery at an assistance centre for people from Donbass who have been displaced due to conflict. On 18th October 2015, volunteers conducted human values lessons for children using creative exercises and uplifting songs, games, and dances. With the help of volunteers, the children made wax sculptures, painted autumn leaves, played games, organised dances, and fashioned animal figurines from chestnuts. The children received gift packs containing modelling clay, drawing pads, pencils, pens, chalk, notebooks, toothbrushes, soap, towels and shampoo. In addition, the gift packs included cookies, juice, spice cakes, apples, pears, lemons, and honey. Everyone involved experienced a sense of unity during through serving selflessly.

2015_10_18_ 8M3_ Ukraine_ Kiev_ Serve the Planet_ Conducting a class for refugee children_ Creative workshop