The SSIO of New Zealand hosted a Rongomai Community Day for the third year on 17th October 2015. Rongomai is a disadvantaged community, supported lovingly by Sathya Sai volunteers in New Zealand. The programme, themed “Be the Love That You Are,” focused on animals as a means of educating and informing the visitors as to how the practice of human values can help strengthen communities. Adults came dressed in carnival regalia, while children were decked out in imaginative and colourful costumes representing various animals. A total of 568 people from the Rongomai community participated in medical clinics, workshops on healthy eating, performances by a jazz band, Maori cultural events, a costume carnival, values-based songs, and other activities. The six-hour event, packed with fun and inspiring messages, left an indelible impression on the participants.

New Zealand - RCD 2015 - Animal World Conference participants

New Zealand - RCD 2015 - Healthy Eating participants