On 10th and 17th October, and 19th and 26th December 2015, Sathya Sai Youth prepared and served meals to indigent people at the Toronto Council Fire Native Community Centre in downtown Toronto. Each week, this service is generally conducted by Sathya Sai Centres of the region for needy people of all ethnicities, nationalities, faiths and creeds. On one of these occasions, volunteers served salad, pasta, juice and ice-cream bars to throngs of people waiting patiently, some of whom returned to fill containers to be taken out to their families. Sathya Sai volunteers also interacted lovingly with the guests, engaging them in discussions about hockey games and everyday topics, which helped the guests to relax and feel welcomed. One of the volunteers said, “No matter what we did today, one profound take-away message is that we are all one and the same. Whether we served those who were hungry, or held the door open for another, we were simply helping a brother or sister. We felt great fulfilment to be given a chance to serve the community and look forward to the next opportunity!”

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