On October 9, 2021, 25 SSSIO volunteers organized a free Health Camp for the local underserved, and mainly Hispanic community at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in St. Louis County, Missouri. Patients were provided surgical masks and the volunteers wore KN-95 masks and face shields. Due to the pandemic, services were limited to Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement, blood pressure checks, flu shots, and replacement of defective infant car seats. The volunteers also distributed school supplies, non-perishable groceries, and vegetarian subway sandwiches.

A healthcare professional commented, “It feels great to serve as many as possible. But it feels amazing to know that even one person’s life is made a little better because we were able to give them what they are craving the most- time! We gave them time, so they felt heard, completely heard.” A bilingual interpreter said, “This organization opens its heart and demonstrates how this commitment to “Love All – Serve All” indeed benefits us all. I am proud of the small part I play in this health fair.”