On April 7, 2022, volunteers from the Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Basel took part in a special tree-planting ceremony in Kannenfeldpark which is a park in the city. They planted a special, rare variety called Sorbus Domestica, or true service tree. It is an old, native tree that is listed as an endangered species in Switzerland and Austria.

Gardening professionals explained to everyone present the special qualities of the tree. During the tree-planting ceremony, the volunteers sang songs and sprinkled Vibhuti (Holy Ash) on the tree roots and the ground. The National Envirocare Coordinator from the Sai Center of Basel read beautiful poems with one poem composed by him and the other one by the famous poet, Goethe. A sign with the name of the tree in beautiful calligraphy, prepared by the National Council President of SSSIO, Switzerland, was placed at the tree. All participants felt happy and considered the planting a special symbol of peace and hope in Europe.