Sathya Sai Young Adult volunteers in Seattle visited the homeless living under bridges and in encampments to understand their plight first-hand. Based on their experience, they organized a winter clothing drive for the homeless, collecting in 10 days about 400 jackets, sweaters, gloves, caps, scarves, socks, blankets, sleeping bags, and reusable water bottles. They also baked cookies and collected Granola bars and arranged to provide hot water, hot chocolate, apple cider, and hot tea for warmth on cold winter nights.

On 22nd December 2018, about 20 young adult volunteers split into two groups to serve the needy. One group distributed sleeping bags, jackets, snacks and water bottles to the homeless living in tents and offered them warm beverages. The second group arranged clothing and essential supplies at the local Union Gospel Mission where each homeless person could pick up one or two clothing items they needed. The young adults witnessed many incidents of generosity and compassion by the homeless and were touched by the love displayed by those who had so little to give and were living in utter poverty. As one young adult observed, “They taught us an important lesson about sharing and caring and how it can fill us with joy and contentment.”