Since 2005, the Sathya Sai Center of Chatsworth in California has partnered with nonprofit agencies to deliver burritos and food bags to the homeless every month. Many of the recipients live in dilapidated motels and in cars in parking lots assigned to the homeless. After the COVID-19 pandemic started, many people also lost jobs and their homes. The SSIO volunteers of Chatsworth stepped up to meet the increased demand for food and continued to serve hot burritos, bags filled with rice, pinto beans, cookies, juice, fruits, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and flavorful yellow rice, every week. Volunteers began to learn more about the recipients and their backgrounds. Many had been professionals and had held jobs but were financially devastated by the COVID-19 crisis. This helped to deepen the empathy of volunteers towards those they served and dispel many misconceptions about the homeless.