Four young adults from the Volga-Ural region of the SSIO of Russia offered a workshop in a home for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, to shower the children with loving attention and cheer. The workshop began with a game and a dance. Thereafter, 14 children created postcards in designs of flowers and leaves, made by attaching coloured napkins to cardboard. The children were to present their handcrafted products to their loved ones, soon after. With the help of the young adults, they also arranged bright and beautiful flower bouquets. The volunteers gifted the children with sweets and tangerines and provided craft supplies for future use. The children expressed gratitude for the loving gifts, and one girl remarked, “You are now our family.”

2017-03-04-z8-russia-workshop-in-the-orphanage-help-children 2017-03-04-z8-russia-workshop-in-the-orphanage 2017-03-04-z8-russia-workshop-in-the-orphanage-embrace