Twice a year, SSIO volunteers from Russia and nearby countries join to serve the needy as part of a massive coordinated project. In March 2018, 195 volunteers from Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Russia served food collectively to more than a thousand needy people. In Ukraine, 44 volunteers from seven cities served porridge, salad, bread, biscuits and hot tea to about 250 indigent people. Hygiene kits, socks and gloves were also given out and hot meals served at a shelter for the needy in Kyrgyzstan. In Belarus, volunteers served baked cottage cheese pie with raisins, buckwheat porridge, waffles and tea with lemon to more than 60 needy people in cities around the country. In two cities, SSIO members distributed food packets to low-income residents.

In the northwest region of Russia, despite frosty weather, volunteers cooked and distributed porridge, baked pancakes and brewed tea to more than 20 people. In other cities in the region, SSIO members distributed essential medicines and 40 pairs of warm socks, along with warm clothing and jackets, to ward off the cold weather. In the Urals region of Russia, food was distributed to more than 45 people. The local people look forward to the selfless service rendered by Sathya Sai volunteers and willingly assist the volunteers by clearing snow from the service area and helping to maintain discipline during the event. In the Volga-Urals region, food and clothing were distributed to about 130 people. In Western Russia, volunteers with bags of seeds fed numerous birds, bringing joy to everyone. In Moldova, SSIO volunteers encountered cool and rainy weather as they served rice porridge with stewed vegetables and a compote with buns to more than 30 people at a local shelter for the needy.

This unique service activity, coordinated across numerous countries, has brought together SSIO volunteers in unity, giving everyone a chance to practise Bhagawan’s teachings of love and selfless service. The recipients of the selfless service are also grateful to the volunteers for their love and compassion.