In mid-May 2019, 16 people from Central Russia participated in an Eco-Camp in an ethnic settlement, surrounded by beautiful and serene nature. The objective of the camp was to encourage children to serve and revere Mother Nature. The participants began each day with exercises and uplifting devotional singing, followed with performances celebrating love for the planet. Every day, the participants formed three groups which engaged in construction activities and planted trees and shrubs. By the end of the camp, the volunteers had planted seven chestnut trees, six plum trees, ten Bergenia plants, ten black currant bushes and five golden ball plants. They had also weeded two flower beds and planted green peas, zucchini and cucumbers. On rainy evenings, the volunteers organised human values classes and creative workshops for the children. On the closing day, the participants gathered around a bonfire, sang beautiful songs and shared experiences from the event.