“We are one family” was the theme of a Family Camp organised on the shore of the Caspian Sea in late August 2019. More than 55 people including more than 40 public from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, the Central and North-Western regions of Russia participated in the camp. The participants were divided into 5 family groups representing the five values, viz., Love, Truth, Righteousness, Peace, and Nonviolence; and each family came up with inspiring family mottos, songs, and words. Each morning began with an uplifting meditation session and the group activity was focused on one of the five values chosen for the day.  Every day, one of the Unity Flower Petals was revealed. In order to open the petal by the end of the day, the participants had to perform good deeds during the day. The camp included creative workshops for children, including one in which the children created a new cartoon, “Book Monster”, which emphasized the importance of reading books. At the end of each day, there were theatrical performances, videos on how to create goodness in life, poems and dance performances. On the last day, everyone shared their impressions of the camp around a wonderful, warm campfire.