On 25th March 2016, 36 Sathya Sai volunteers, 20 SSE teachers and 71 SSE children enthusiastically organised a beach clean-up project near the Kuwait Tower, as part of public outreach. The event was inaugurated by the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait, Mr. Sunil Jain, along with representatives from the Ministry of Environment Public Authority and the Kuwait Diving Team. The Ambassador applauded the SSIO’s initiative for encouraging young children to participate in public service programmes to heighten their awareness of environmental issues and develop good habits. The Kuwaiti representatives shared practical safety tips with the children on how to avoid injuries for the planned activities, including the use of appropriate personal protective equipment. The children were then divided into groups of 4-5 each, and combed the beach, collecting garbage, broken glass, plastic items, tin cans and marine debris. The children learned through their experience how the lack of awareness and the failure to practice human values polluted Mother Earth, which ultimately affects mankind. The Kuwait Danish Dairy, who volunteered for this campaign, provided water, ice cream and snacks to all the participants. The SSIO of Kuwait thanked the guests for collaboration and distributed T-shirts, caps and mementos to commemorate the meaningful day.