During late October 2020, more than 70 volunteers including Young Adults from 22 Sri Sathya Sai Centers and Groups across Russia served the needy in an atmosphere filled with love and compassion. In the Volga-Ural region, 21 volunteers served warm food to 138 needy people. In some cities, the volunteers distributed warm clothes and lovingly delivered home-made pizza and ice-cream to children in a local orphanage. In the Ural region, despite restrictions caused by the pandemic, SSSIO volunteers served food to 24 needy people. In the Caucasus region, in addition to distributing food and clothes to four needy families, SSSIO members fed birds and animals in two cities.  In the northwest region, more than 20 people served cereals (buckwheat, rice) with vegetables, tea, coffee, and sweets (chocolate, gingerbread, cookies, candy) to 100 people. They also distributed masks, paper handkerchiefs, vitamins, socks, and soap to the needy. In addition, volunteers provided food and first-aid medicines to low-income families. In the Siberian region, SSSIO volunteers lovingly served noodles with vegetables, pea soup, porridge with vegetables, cookies with tea, mashed potatoes, and salad to more than 75 people.