The SSIO of Russia held its first Regional Children’s Festival in Siberia, themed “The Road of Kindness.” Sathya Sai volunteers organised an enjoyable event focused on building good, moral character and helping others in need through games and activities. The children were first led into the “Country of Compassion,” represented by brightly coloured stars. Then, they “travelled” on a magic carpet and met “Love,” in the form of a little old man, and the “Fairy of Kindness” who spoke about love and kindness. The children also sang and danced to associate human values with joy and happiness, and played a game where they decorated flowers of good works in bright colours. All the children participated in a drama and displayed what they had imbibed by reciting poems, dancing, and singing.

2017-02-05-z8-russia-siberian-region-the-first-childrens-festival-game-caterpilla 2017-02-05-z8-russia-siberian-region-the-first-childrens-festival-glade-kindness 2017-02-05-z8-russia-siberian-region-the-first-childrens-festival-children-make-mitten