In early June 2019, 36 volunteers from 11 Sathya Sai Centres and Groups in northwest Russia took part in a week-long camp near St. Petersburg. The volunteers began the camp by renovating the school where they were staying. They removed old furniture, painted the walls and ceilings and replaced linoleum flooring and lighting in the office, and also fixed leaks in the roof. Finally, the SSIO volunteers distributed 25 care packages to the needy, including five needy school children. Each package contained a reusable eco-bag, pasta, gingerbread cookies, crackers, tea, cocoa, halva, sugar, sunflower oil, canned kidney bean, canned pea-coal, washing powder, soap, and toilet paper.

The education team conducted values-based lessons which were developed around the film “Four Keys to your Victories”. Each section was followed by a lively discussion where children and young adults shared their personal experiences. The volunteers also organised outdoor sports events for about 70 children. These activities helped the children develop key skills such as teamwork with unity, while building their character. The volunteers also organised human values-based lessons for children from a local rehabilitation centre. The medical team lovingly served the school staff and their friends and relatives. In addition, a volunteer who was a professional hair stylist, offered haircuts. In keeping with tradition, the camp came to an end with a beautiful, joyous concert, enjoyed by everyone present.