On 15th November 2019, the Sathya Sai College of Murwillumbah, New South Wales (NSW) won the People’s Choice Award for Schools for sustainability, presented by the local Tweed Council at the inaugural Sustainability Champions ceremony. NSW’s Tweed Council is taking a pro-active role in encouraging sustainability, recognising the importance of the environment for social and economic well-being as well as for the future. The slogan for the College’s submission was, ‘Learning about litter, living life cleaner and making it greener. The practises implemented at the school include: red-bin free school grounds with the goal of avoiding rubbish for landfill; creating healthy habits by eating natural and raw food (reducing packaging); connecting with nature through activities such as a day of outdoor classroom, weekly gardening activities, developing edible gardens by growing a “Juicy Fruit Patch” and adopting the 3R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Recycle. These initiatives have gradually changed the culture of the school community.