On 16th February 2019, SSIO volunteers from the Colombo Sathya Sai Centre, including Young Adults and Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) children, celebrated Valentine’s Day at the Leprosy Home in Hendala, Wattala. The Leprosy Home houses mostly elderly patients who are cured of leprosy but are unable to look after themselves due to nerve damage. Most of them have been shunned due to ingrained social stigma against those with leprosy. The visit was warmly welcomed by the residents. The children and the youth lifted the spirits of the 32 residents of the Leprosy Home by bringing them fresh roses and handmade cards. The volunteers also served a special lunch consisting of yellow rice, lentils, paneer, brinjal moju, cucumber salad and chips. The afternoon concluded with an interactive entertainment programme by the young adults with the residents joining in.