On 19th January 2019, SSIO volunteers in Kenya organised a medical camp for 120 children at the Sathya Sai School in Kisaju, located in a rural area with limited access to healthcare. Prior to the camp, volunteers compiled health data for the children to ensure that the team of four doctors and a nurse was adequately prepared. The team examined the students and treated them for various ailments, the most common being personal injuries, respiratory infections, abdominal discomfort, skin infections, as well as dental and eye problems. They performed minor procedures such as tooth extractions, provided injections, dressed wounds and prescribed medicines. Additionally, post medical camp follow-ups were held to ensure that students were taking their medicines, and to sensitize the students on hygiene, diet and personal safety. For specific cases, parents were briefed by the doctors about at-home care. The volunteers were grateful for holding the medical camp for the children, who would otherwise be deprived of much needed healthcare services.