Over the last 17 years, Sathya Sai Young Adult volunteers from a Sathya Sai Centre in Russia’s North-West region have been regularly serving residents of Veterans House as part of a project called “Days of Mercy.” In 2017, the young volunteers visited the veterans 10 times, assisting them with daily activities, such as helping to clean their apartments, iron clothes, insulate windows, perform household repairs, and buy groceries. In addition to helping with such household tasks, the volunteers enjoyed spending time with the veterans, providing support and engaging them in heart-to-heart conversation. The veterans also look forward to each visit by the youth, who offer words of support and solace, and converse with them on topics important to the senior veterans. During holidays, Sathya Sai volunteers organised concerts for the veterans, wherein everyone joined in singing songs and enjoying refreshing tea. The residents also received sweets and gifts on several occasions. Sathya Sai volunteers in the region organised a total of four concerts at the facility during the year. The residents showed their gratitude towards the volunteers by dedicating a New Year’s poem to them and their selfless service, remarking, “We love you very much, and no one will replace you.”