On 19th February 2017, the SSIO organised a first Sathya Sai Sports Day in Thailand, with 42 SSIO members, 74 guests, and 66 SSE children from two schools participating. The children were divided into four groups – Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, and Prema, with each group identified by a different colour T-shirt bearing the name of that team. The event commenced with a march-past and the singing of bhajans and songs on human values. Games of cricket, soccer, and chair-ball took place simultaneously on the adjacent grounds, along with a few races such as collect ball and hula hoop. Everyone enjoyed watching a tug-of-war game in the afternoon. Winners were announced at the end. The Dharma team received the trophy and gold medals; the Sathya team received silver medals, and bronze medals went to the Shanthi and Prema teams.

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