Twice a year, volunteers from Zone 8 of the SSIO coordinate among regions in a day of serving food to needy community members. On 18th March 2017, 388 SSIO members from 74 Sathya Sai Centres and Groups located in 60 cities of  Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, and Kyrgyzstan offered food to the hungry in churches, temples, bus terminals, railway stations, homeless shelters, public avenues, and underground passages. Inspired by this service activity, 31 members of the public and three children joined these groups in rendering service to a total of 1,394 people.

In Russia, the menu included hot pea soup, buckwheat porridge, peas and potatoes, pea-rice porridge, bread, hot tea with bagels, pancakes, biscuits, and warm compote. The volunteers also distributed winter clothing and gear, including underwear, socks, shoes, and outerwear, along with personal hygiene items and medicines. Even more important, Sathya Sai volunteers shared the warmth of their hearts, and in turn were greeted with loving gratitude and joy, despite the freezing sub-zero weather.

In Belarus, SSIO members distributed 50 servings of millet porridge, along with pumpkin, salad, pancakes, vegetables, pies, apples, bread, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds. Additionally, a large family received fruit, milk, and milk products, and orphaned children were given pie, a roll with jam, and a compote of dried fruits. Inspired by beautiful weather and the joy of communicating with nature, the volunteers fed ducks and swans in ponds and homeless cats near a veterinary clinic.

In Ukraine, Sathya Sai volunteers served porridge, salad, bread, and hot tea to 275 individuals. In some cities, sweet rolls or biscuits were also distributed, along with clothing. In Pavlograd, seven members of the public joyfully joined the distribution, providing pilaf with mushrooms and prunes, sandwiches, cheese, fresh cucumbers, and honey, to serve 40 individuals, including pensioners, the disabled, immigrants, and indigent families with numerous children.

In Moldova, SSIO members offered hot rice porridge with stewed vegetables and compote with buns to 25 people, including six disabled individuals, in a homeless shelter.

In Kyrgyzstan, three members of the SSIO served 15 hot meals of macaroni with vegetable sauce, pilaf, vegetable salad, fresh bread, tea, gingerbread, and fruits. They also supplied clothing and shoes to people in need, who thanked the volunteers profusely.


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