In early March 2015, 47 youth from three countries and 20 cities attended the second zonal youth festival near Moscow, the theme being Service Is the Flowering of Love. The youth viewed a film about service activities in other SSIO zones and held classes in making children’s toys, bracelets, and paper flowers, for distribution to children in orphanages. Participants played an allegorical game, completing tasks illustrating the values of love and service. The objective of the game was to reunite a formerly happy and unified village that had been torn apart by evil spirits. Other activities at the festival included songs, dances, theatrical performances, and a team game, all aimed at showcasing the best of human qualities.

Z8 Russia Arts and Crafts at Youth Festival

Z8 Russia Class on arts

Z8 Russia Concert by Sathya Sai Youth

Z8 Russia Group work

Z8 Russia Youth Festival Concert