In late May 2016, 36 Sathya Sai volunteers attended the Eighth Interregional Medical and Volunteer Camp in the Leningrad region. Healthcare professionals provided medical services to 119 patients, and volunteers also provided therapeutic massages and haircuts. A construction team repaired and painted the school building where the volunteers were accommodated. In the village, Sathya Sai youth restored an apartment that had been damaged by fire, singing bhajans as they worked, to sanctify the atmosphere. The volunteers also distributed 25 food packages and clothes to indigent local residents, who expressed joy and gratitude. A team of teachers organised music classes and creative workshops and enacted a fairy tale, “The Turnip,” for children at the camp, among them children with physical and mental disabilities. In keeping with the camp tradition, participants recited poems and joined in uplifting devotional singing at the close of the day.

2016-05-26-31-z8-russia-interregional-medical-volunteer-camp-creative-workshop-for-children-childrens-center2016-05-26-31-z8-russia-interregional-medical-volunteer-camp-painting-doorways-in-the-school  2016-05-26-31-z8-russia-interregional-medical-volunteer-camp-stacking-firewood-in-the-yard-of-the-lonely-grandmother 2016-05-26-31-z8-russia-interregional-medical-volunteer-camp-cooking-food 2016-05-26-31-z8-russia-interregional-medical-volunteer-camp-record-on-reception-to-doctors