On the occasion of Father’s Day, 11th September 2015, Sathya Sai volunteers served lunch to 700 male inmates of the central jail of Kathmandu. A senior officer of the SSIO of Nepal gave a talk on practising human values in daily life. On the same occasion, at Bhadrapur in eastern Nepal, Sathya Sai members served food to ten elderly fathers and four elders with physical challenges. The Ladies Wing of the SSIO celebrated Hari Talika Teej (a special festival for ladies) on 13th September 2015 by serving a delicious lunch to 1,083 female inmates at three different prisons. A session of devotional singing was followed by a brief talk on the importance of women in society. On the same occasion, meals were served to 55 elderly mothers. Bangles, beads and bindis were also distributed to all 1,138 women. The love and care with which Sathya Sai volunteers served the jail inmates brought tears to the eyes of many recipients.