SSEHV educators developed a new workbook featuring 17 original stories, incorporating local cultural references. A drama titled The Greatest Gift of All was produced and directed by the South Africa Institute of Sri Sathya Sai Education (SAISSSE) and performed by Sathya Sai School children from Africa. The SAISSSE also partnered with the Sathya Sai Schools in Newcastle and Chatsworth to improve the SSEHV programs at the schools.

An online program was organized for parents from the Sathya Sai Schools in South Africa and Mauritius on transformational techniques to assist parents in creating a balance between the school and home environments. In February 2023, 30 Sathya Sai School children in grades 6 & 7 participated in a study skills workshop based on the 5 D’s – Dedication, Discipline, Devotion, Discrimination, and Determination.