Zonal Purity Day and Active Summer projects were organized across Russia.

In the Southern Region of Russia, SSSIO members participated in cleaning garbage from public places, parks, forests, riverbanks, and the coast of the Krasnodar reservoir. They also served food to those in need, cared for birds and animals at the arboretum, and helped military personnel by weaving nets for camouflage.

SSSIO volunteers in the North-West region, along with volunteers from the public, visited forest belts, bays, quarries, and nearby villages to collect garbage and transport it to the landfills. Everyone felt gratified to serve Mother Nature and enjoyed spending time outdoors. In addition, members from the St. Petersburg area recorded a flash mob titled ‘Hello Summer’ for the upcoming Zonal summer-end concert.

Sai volunteers in the Siberian Region cleaned up the shores of the Siberian rivers Ob, Aba, and Torn. They also removed garbage and fallen leaves from city parks, forest areas, and lakeshores. The volunteers washed and cleaned the Sai Center while chanting bhajans and were grateful for the opportunity to be Sai’s instrument to serve.

SSSIO Members from the Volga-Ural regions of Russia removed garbage from groves, towns, and banks of the rivers Agidel, Ural, and Kazanka. All work was done with great zeal, dedication, and harmony while chanting Gayatri Mantra, singing bhajans, and praying to complete the service despite the rainy weather. They enjoyed swimming in the river and savoring delicious snacks while communing with nature. The participants joined the zonal online conference to provide an update and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to serve.