In October 2021, SSSIO volunteers from all across Zone 8 came together to serve the needy. Over 200 people from 50 Sri Sathya Sai Centers in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and 7 regions of Russia helped to distribute 819 packages of cooked food and grocery bags filled with rice, pasta, buckwheat, semolina, sugar, oil, butter, tea, cookies, and desserts. In addition, personal hygiene products and diapers were given to the indigent. Service activities were held at local churches, boarding schools, flophouses, recycling stations, and even on the streets. Some volunteers, who could not participate in the service due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic, helped with contributions, purchased goods, cooked food, and packaged the items. The grateful recipients blessed the volunteers for their loving service, and even helped them clean the area and remove the garbage afterwards.