National Tree Day, Australia’s largest annual tree planting event, is intended to raise environmental awareness and help Australians connect with nature. In 2020, the event was organized on August 2.  In South Australia, 16 SSSIO volunteers enthusiastically participated in their local event, planting 1,100 trees. In Western Australia, 30 volunteers joined in two tree-planting events, in order to connect with Mother Nature.

In other regions, due to restrictions related to the pandemic, volunteers stayed at home, planting trees in their gardens and planting saplings and herbs in pots. It was a wonderful opportunity for families to spend time together and for children to learn about planting and nurturing plants. An SSE student from Queensland shared, “I enjoyed seeing the lemon tree that I planted on Tree Day grow. I especially loved the tiny lemons that I saw appear on the tree for the first time”. An SSE Student from NSW Region East shared, “Planting tree is one way to keep us connected to God. What I learnt from this lesson was to be more responsible and patient.” During the 95th year of advent of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the SSSIO Australia encouraged at least 950 of its volunteers to join in tree planting.